You know.. Sometimes I probably seem kind of "all over the place" to people who actually are somewhat more familiar with me and more consistently involved in my life. This is probably pretty accurate. For one thing, Im always multitasking and working on a million things at once. But, for another, I just tend to crash-course through realizations, processing situations, determining outcomes, assimilating the new data, re-calibrating my brain and adjusting the old course of action to the revised and updated plan.

Well, the past few days have been pretty interesting. And, the final piece of the puzzle finally fell into place. Of course, it was triggered by a situation that was highly frustrating. When I responded to the email a friend had sent (I was kind of stranded on 29/Rio,) This came out and I find it highly accurate and appropriate to the fucked-up nature of people who expect you to "go along/get along" with bullshit and fucked-up traits or behaviors that everyone agrees are bad, but everyone expects you to ignore or sacrifice your sanity dealing with, for the sake of the assholes exhibiting said objectionable traits.


07.25.14 1322hrs Firewalker wrote:

"... Its funny, ppl just don't get why I so desperately need to avoid tension and bullshit and why I don't or won't coddle idiots...

...When your fighting cancer, you don't worry about the comfort of the smokers. If you have a physical allergy to food with a quantifiable, measurable, adverse reaction that causes physical discomfort or compromises well-being, they say "Don't eat the shellfish." But, when you find human idiosyncratic, morally objectionable behavior and characteristics intolerable and choose to not allow them in your life due to negative reactions/feelings/perceptions and effects of such that are equally distressing (yet not quantifiable,) you're supposed to just suck it up, play well with others, and (in short) gorge on mussels."




07.25.14 1907hrs