State of: "...I've wasted time, I've wasted breath, I think I've thought myself to death" significance, has led to promotion of the: "The first step in getting your shit together, is to get your shit together and only associate with people who make fucking sense" concept, and cohesion of my purpose-driven work, synergized in tandem with the discovery of The Flicker-Effect, has resulted in:

Project: "Un-mindfuck the World."


UPDATE: 08.03.14 2238hrs

Ok. So, Im working on a/nother book. Its about how to deal with idiots (and how not to be one). "Idiots" is not used in my standard judgemental way, but as *you* may determine someone to be, and will cetnrally revolve around how to communicate with people who are in some state of impairment (intelluctual/chemical, its all the same,) and how to figure shit out when you dont know anything in a foreign environment with lots of challenges. It also revolves and sprouts from my FE theory discovered 1.5 wks ago, and with a current working title of "RBK44". You just have to figure out where they are coming from and what they are functioning under. How I am getting here is really funny.. But, thats a (much, much) later story.

These are the first notes taken, in 56KB text file related to this project:

1) It isnt that they are stupid, illogical, irrational, lazy, or not trying (not that always true or may not be playing a factor on varying levels, on an individual-to-individual basis, and of varying proportional values respective to each factor involved;) it cannot be done.
2) They simply cannot listen to what youre saying and logically comprehend the words being used, literally, as intended, even when the logical inference should lead them to understand as would be consistent on all levels, with such.
3) They frequently loosely use words to express what they mean, that are inconsistent with the technical definition of the words and significantly alter the meaning of what they are intending to express, when taken at literal value. Furthermore, often in a way that is actually counter-intuitive to comprehension, and counter-productive to the purpose they are actually trying to achieve.

Related to this project, Ive been intouch with the CEO of my webhost, and am working on an info package for Apple. ...Im also waiting for a text with the CEO of Burger Kings contact info, but, who knows.

...Incidentally, I'm having a lot of fun figuring out how they think. '-)

Material from the same text log and going on in my life to testify to the nature of my work and all things involved has resulted in the following:

...This dialogue witha federal law enforcement officer:


..And, protecting the use and integrity of the material being presented to the public has resulted in these notes for an entirely original TOS (Terms of Service) that is oriented toward anyone accessingmy site (Not this one; the one being developed,) which from here on out will simply be referred to as "Clause 26":

"And protecting the integrity of the information, particularly since its oriented towards the concept of everything being fucked-up because of peoples bias and inability to function and process information utilizing sound logic, inherently combined with the fact that anyone discussing or posting info from my site already either likely doesnt understand something, has taken offense to it, or is publically stating their thoughts or opinions on the matter which are likely not in sync with mine or consistent with what I meant and are more likely to be the ones making this mistake and functioning under the traits the FE specifically addresses.

This regards the headline, in large, red letters at the top of the page the page that will be what they see when the page launches, so as to avoid blind, stupid scrolling down and just entering without reading the information.

26) Header: significant points of interest
(Why you need to read this - DO NOT scroll down and click "enter" without reading!)
1) Proper protocol to email me and optimize successful response as relating to your needs or questions
2) TOS and consequences you are by entering this site agreeing to be bound by in a legally binding contract, which you are agreeing by entering the site, should I have to pursue in any way the violation of, to compensate me at the rate of $500-$1,500 per hour spent doing so, or the maximum amount allowable in the optimally (for me) pursuant court of law, whichever is greater. (in the event this exceed damages as routinely calculated in any court, based on the fact I have determined this is what my time spent doing so is worth, you agree should you break this contract, its what you will pay me for my time spent addressing such and this clause functions absolutely independently of "damages" or other routine matters taken into consideration, which I am still fully entitled to.
3) This is in addition to any damages actually incurred and compensatory for efforts at recovering damages legally pertinent and applicable. You furthermore agree that so long as it is established you have violated this TOS, that this will be paid to me in efforts to handle my case, regardless of the verdict of said case."

You know... Putting all this energy into making things so they can understand it and figuring out how to ensure it is properly used and dessimated, is really time consuming. lol.

Also, Point of significant interest:

<---------------!!!!While I try to be as simple and direct and speak as simply as possible (despite people frequently feeling that Im always talking over their head or whatever) and so as to simplify my meaning, are you beginning to get why I dont take the approach of trying to explain everything all the time WHEN IM ALREADY FLOODING YOU WITH INFORMATION THAT YOU CANT FOLLOW OR UNDERSTAND AND PUT TOGETHER? Parallel: "I'm drowning, could you be so kind as to provide me a glass of water?"!!!!!----->

And, directly related, if you think you have it bad, (considering the content of this site and the aforementioned Bitchcode, this is what the researchers got in their .dat file:


...Last, all content was derived from the sake 56K text file, which will at some point be made publicly available.

08.03.14 11:22 p.m.*


The Ressurection of Genius.
-10.12.14 1741hrs

Sorry I have been gone for so long. Business calls, and as this is my personal site, it had to be put on the backburner. As a matter of fact, had I not finally gotten to a point I was feeling a little "burnt-out," I would not be here, now.


This T-shirt is now available through the store site which will be complete within the next 72 hours. Im bringing a sneak preview here, to my loyal viewers:

...This was the first T I ever printed, back in 2003.

...On a side note, Im printing a letter I wrote to a security guard who fucked with the wrong bitch (me) when I was in the Emergency Room before I was hospitalized a few weeks ago. You'll get the idea. Pay close attention to the FaceBook post contained in it Re: OJ Simpsons terminal agonizing illness.

<-----!!!Start of Letter!!!----->


Dear Mr. Throbbins (A.K.A. Fat, Stupid, Incompetent, Meathead-Mother-Fucker [F.S.I.M.M-F.]),

I have been meaning to write you for a while. Ive been busy and stupid, incompetent nitwits like you rank low on my list of priorities. In all honesty, the only reason Im getting to you now is because of the O.J. Headline which reminded me of my ex which reminded me of you, due to your arrogant, asshole demeanor and foolish, delusional way of thinking your a big fish in an ocean, when youre really a trout fry in a bird bath.

To give you an idea, here's the Facebook post I just made and the accompanying headline I scanned that prompted it all, regarding a headline I saw and grabbed declaring O.J. Simpson was dying of an agonizing blood disease. For the record, I havent read the sory, I just bought the mag to scan the pic for FB and my personal website:

<-----!!!Begin FaceBook Post!!!----->



At least Nicoles death was quick... (Not that I have to tell you, you were there). I still remember hearing your verdict come in over the radio when I was being checked into a hotel in a different state under an assumed name by the F.B.I. due to my own experience with my stalker - my husband - a cop and ex-green beret, no less - who told me if I left him he wouldn't shoot me, he'd use his bow and arrow and shoot me through the heart so he could watch me bleed to death.

Youre the perfect example of the typical sorry-ass nigger giving good, honest black people a bad name.. star athlete, its probably you they made the joke after that all niggers can play sports because they all know how to run and steal. And, they kill their ex'es in brutal fits of jealousy and rob their children of their mothers and pay for the best defense team money can buy to confuse a jury with technicalities that confuse the letter of the law with the spirit of it and when the civil suit against them is VICTORIOUS, they fail to honor any sense of... well, *honor* (because they have none) and so, yes, karma is a bitch.

...Just pretend its my piss burning through your veins. I will be, and if I ever make it out west, I do have a friend, you know (Hi Mark Luntzel) I promise to pour a bottle of aged piss on your grave.

So, now that we have established that I piss battery acid and barbed wire when Im really amped up, lets face it and get that king-size dildo out of your ass, because youre getting a Summer breeze.

And, my dear F.S.I.M.M-F., before you decide to kick into asshole-mode (which I suspect is your normal operating status), go ahead and call law enforcement. I have done nothing illegal and its not my fault you fuck with, threaten and harass sick, genius-level, females who have DOD/DOJ/NSA, forensic IT-level knowledge and IT backgrounds who can find anyone, and the truth of the matter is, I didnt need it and this shit is publicly available to anyone, so maybe before you go off on your fucked-up power-trips on sick patients in the E.D. You perceive as weaker than you or helpless, you'll keep in mind you simply dont know who you may be fucking with.

I am in no way threatening you, I would never cause you physical harm as youre not worth more than paper, ink, 15-minutes and postage, lol, much less attorney's fees or time-served. So, kindly remove aforementioned dildo, because it's clearly still lodged firmly in place.

Nice you live so close to work, though.. I imagine it appeals to your rigid structured life and outlook and makes commute simple, not to mention you never have to really worry about traffic or being late. Besides, this is only fair, as we both know you clearly could access my address by abusing your position, which we both know you would do. Im just leveling the playing field.

And, to show how stupid you are, when you threatened to take my phone when I took the picture documenting Annette changing the patient info board (enclosed,) lol, did you really think I was scared? What kind of weak peons are you used to dealing with and intimidating? Or, do you just underestimate your victims so greatly? F.S.I.M.M-F., I didnt delete them, I immediately texted them which CC'd them to my tablet (which was at home and if you had confiscated the phone would have kept the copy of said image files), then I uploaded them to the cloud where they will exist forever... its the nature of the cloud I hate and why I dont use it for personal documents, but do use it for media, for example... not that Id expect a simpleton like you to understand, but, hey... Maybe you learned something. Youre phone probably uses you more than you use it and if you knew anything about IT and Intel, youd know what I meant, but if you knew 1/10 of what you thought you did, we probably wouldnt be here, now.

And, incidentally, In a few days I will be writing the hospital both regarding your threats and your conduct. They will be going out about the same time... or maybe Ill send theirs first. I dont know. I know youve forgotten about me and thats the beauty of it because you think you fucking won and I know the last thing you are expecting is this little letter at your fucking home address. SURPRISE!

But, back to the pics, you didnt look, you didnt check, you threatened to take away or destroy the phone, but you distanced yourself from me and didnt even make any attempt or gesture or effort in anyway to ensure or enforce the command you issued, or, rather the directive (as Im a civilian and not your fucking subordinate) was followed. And, as it was a HIPPA issue, that is something the hospital may take issue with.

And, youre threat that you could promise me I wouldnt be out monday to talk to the security manager whos name Id already gotten under pleasant terms from the earlier officer to secure a copy of the tape was very interesting, particularly considering the nature of my care and the vested interest MJ had in smearing me and making things look a certain way, despite the fact that under numerous other appts and E.D. Visits and until you and Annette were involved for the most part, things had been very smooth and pleasant, other than my concern and anxiety over and regarding my physical conditions which brought me to the E.D. And which are NOW being looked into now that (THANK FUCKING GOD ALMIGHTY) I am again under the care of my normal healthcare tean, including that of yes, my psychiatrist and my therapist, but the formers knowing I am not delusional nor manic, but a textbook classic complex-trauma case which is EXACTLY what makes you and youre/their fucked-up bullshit from that night so fucking disturbing, other than the fact of simply how fucked up it was, not to mention the general incompetence which highly annoys and aggravates me anyway, but which is especially concerning when encountered in the healthcare field.

Hell, I think Ive summed it up well, Ill just CC MJ a copy of this letter with a cover page. You see, I specialize in effectiveness and efficiency, aside from a very, very thorough and very, very methodical and detail oriented nature and the one thing I dont do is let incompetent, moronic fucking assholes waste my fucking time. The only reason Im writing this letter is because its therapeutic. (Can you even spell “therapeutic” if I hadnt? I doubt it... And no, Im lazy and dont use apostrophes, but I know how... Theres a difference between being lazy and being stupid and as Ron White says, “You cant fix stupid.” I can decide to not being lazy. You dont have an alternate functioning mode.) (LMFAO, for that matter, can you spell “apostrophe?”)

So, F.S.I.M.M-F., should I ever find myself in the misfortune of your company again, you be polite and address me as “Yes Ma'am,” and, above all else, you NEVER, EVER fucking threaten me or my property ever again, and I will also make sure that Annettes incompetence and that of the E.D. Staff that night is brought up. Which, was a first, as the E.D. Staff is generally really awesome. But, you dont mind them. You worry about you, because with your ego and that big fucking meathead, you have enough on your hands and you need to mind your own fucking business. Because next time, appropriate measures will be taken against you and youre facility.. legally, of course. But, when youre dealing with $47M business plans and $158,000+ contracting contract negotiation proposals with Motorola and starting your own business (advertising in SOF mag online, front page for 3 months, btw..), you can see that a simple-minded arrogant prick like you on a power trip really doesnt fucking matter. So go back to your self-perceived delusions of importance and you just remember – you never know who youre fucking with, and, FYI - YOU STILL DONT.

Fierce Regards,

Renae Long A.K.A. Rhianna Brighten Kane


In case youre wondering, I emailed this letter to myself in order to create a forensically sound, digitally time-stamped “birth-certificate” establishing the date of creation and original content of this letter. For shits and grins, Im also CC'ing it to my boyfriend.


<-----!!!End of Letter.!!!----->

So, yeah. Its now been established that I piss battery acid and barbed wire. How bad-ass is that? I also scare men in the dark, but thats a snippit for another night. '-)

10.12.14 1801hrs




Idiot clarification at Dr. Level on the current document, following a very simple outline that was followed with a part that was followed with the comment:
"At least the parts that dont make sense, make sense, right?"

<-----!!!Doctors, no, this is not an inquiry as to if at least the parts there, are working, or me questioning anything about my inner self, nor is it a neurotic request for confirmation that youre with me, so far. I'm simply pointing out that while you may be calling into question what Im trying to put together, the fundamentals of various fields involved are accepted and agreed upon to be considered "common knowledge." Now that we've defined "common knowledge," Chapter 3 !!!----->

10.16.14 0612hrs


Major Milestone: My First International Letter!

Destination: Nagano, Japan

Mr. Hagata, October 20, 2014

I know you are a very busy man and I will keep this letter as brief as possible, though considering its centrally revolved around a four-hour phone call to tech support, you will understand if it cannot be as short as either of us would like.

Before I begin, let me start out by saying that I love Epson printers. You have a truly great product with the WF-3530. I have been thrilled with mine up until a week ago. The quality of the scanning and printing has been phenomenal. I love the machine and could not have improved upon it in any way, until it stopped working properly, about a week ago.

Before I get to the matter-at-hand, I want to say that the last agent I worked with was professional, courteous, and had superior product knowledge. He is definitely an asset to your company and the situation he was handed considering where I was when I transferred to him by the second tier-two agent I worked with, under typical tech support circumstances could have been unpleasant and stressful. But it was actually very pleasant, and thanks to his efforts I am still a very happy Epson customer. I simply want to bring some very distressing matters to your attention as a business woman.

I was unable to call tech support until this morning due to my amazingly busy schedule. The call took three hours and 52 minutes, though I was initially routed to a non-Epson for around 30 minutes (roughly). The entire call was recorded. I included the non-Epson portion of the call for these purposes not only for the point of demonstrating what some of your customers are experiencing in its entirety, but because it thoroughly demonstrates my aptitude and ability to clearly follow instruction and function with various personality types including out-sourced support and foreign tech support agents, both of which many in my country do not interact well with and may be called into question, due to the fact that I believe based on the second agent's accent and the location of the company, he likely was Hispanic. (Im Native American ["American Indian"]. European, and Irish).

I went through two tier-two support agents who both made my problem worse and were outrageously unpleasant to work with (if I had known the second was going to be so much worse than the first, I would have kept the first one,) before finally being transferred by my demand to a tier-three agent who I was able to communicate clearly and effectively with and who handled the situation competently and resolved the situation professionally in a pleasant fashion. I am being overnighted a new printer and am expecting it tomorrow.

Most frustrating, while I am an IT professional and not a computer person (which I acknowledged openly, all along,) I also knew based on the fact that the printer suddenly failed on two devices functioning independent of one another and running two different operating systems it was a printer issue. And it was. And, it took 4 hours and three agents to get Epson to come around to what I, a non-printer expert knew along, based on common sense.

The disturbing lack of interpersonal communication skills demonstrated by the first two agents and their counter-intuitive logic made working together to resolve the issues impossible. The second agents absolute literal failure to communicate was horrendous. Despite my multiple requests to revert this pattern, he would talk when I talked, and remain silent, when I was silent after asking my questions and was awaiting a response. This was most frustrating.

I have been in IT for around 20 years and in my early days worked IT tech support, as well. The first agent is barely competent, but could use some retraining in his customer service skills. In my professional opinion, the second agents interpersonal skills are lacking beyond hope and he needs to seek employment in a non-customer service-oriented position within the company. His inability to communicate combined with his lack of product knowledge make his absolutely an inappropriate candidate for technical support. The last gentleman, Ed, as I said, is an asset to Epson and deserves a raise and a bonus, as he handled the situation perfectly and I could not have improved on his performance in any way. Regardless, you are experiencing issues in your USA tech-support system that I wanted to bring to your attention as the QA for Epson USA.

For your convenience and simplicities sake and since I am contacting several individuals within the company in hopes this will be addressed, I have uploaded the recorded call to my site. You were not targeted for recording, due to the nature of my work; all my incoming and outgoing calls are recorded. Also, since I have contacted more than one individual, so you are all on the same page I am posting copies of all parties' letters on the same website. This is to facilitate awareness and understanding as well as simplify my needs. Once I've heard back and proof of appropriate actions being taken has been provided to me, I will be more than happy to retire the link. I am a consultant and am providing my number and am available to consult or discuss the matter further. I may be reached at 1 434 962 1138 between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST. My only desire is that appropriate actions are taken to ensure that your customers do not encounter anything resembling a similar experience such as mine. I will keep all your contact information confidential and off the site. All I'm asking you to do is improve on your customers experiences, and this should not be more important to me, than it is to you.

You really do have great products. But, poor service can easily ruin a good name and I have to say that if I were not technically knowledgeable and did not generally did tech support because I could generally fix my own problems, after experiencing this nightmare four-hour phone call, regardless of how much I liked your product, I'd go buy a competitors. I honestly don't know if I'll buy another Epson. Largely, it will probably depend on the actions you take regarding these problems, but these problems should be of far greater concern to you, than they are to me. I'm just a problem fixer, and I like to bring problems to the right people's attention so they can be addressed. Hence, I am writing this letter.

I realized from my own experience as a former tech-supper agent that certain time-wasting steps would need to be taken, but re-installing the drivers on one computer as if the drivers on both computers had spontaneously corrupted when they were not even networked and could not even have been subject to a virus or other communally spread malicious application was ridiculous. This became offensive when it was discovered that not only would the printer not print document from either laptop, but it would not the problem consistently repeated when attempting to print it's Wifi-Report and they still insisted on reinstalling the printer drivers!This never remotely requiring my 181 I.Q. to recognize, familiar with printers or not and I certainly would expect tier two and three professionals to recognize and certainly not have to repeat the same steps over and over and over again in futile attempts at what had already not resolved my issue nor proven effective in any way.

You should also know that when I bought your product, it was an emergency and I needed one and I had a $500 budget, but I chose yours, even though I could have chosen many that others would have considered "superior" (and that, in fact, may have and likely would have exceeded your product specifications,) but because yours meets my needs and I like the Epson brand.

And, again, I am ridiculously happy with my machine. But, I didn't even get a "new" one in place of my defective one. I'm getting a refurbished one. And I've barely used it and only had it a couple months. I would have rather had this one fixed, which I asked about. That was also one thing I did not like. Because, I don't even know the track record or history of the model Im getting.

Rhianna Brighten Kane

9:45 p.m.

05.16.16 1629hrs

...Im Back.

So, this is my favorite T-Shirt I have done, recently.  ...Share the love.

Perfect Example T
05.16.16 1659hrs


...content being developed. Stay tuned.