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...For Kohl... 1998-2003

*first, there are always exceptions to every rule. And acceptions based on sound reasoning, "sound" defined (loosely) as "not otherwise justified/rationalized into beliefe despite known counter-productiveness towards such being done" are to be made. Case in point: Stealing is wrong.. But, the hypothetical question (as posed to me in class) regarding a man who steals the medicine to save his wifes life because he cant afford the $5,000 the doctor wants, and the doctor wont help him, is also a perfect example of what I mean, by doing the wrong thing, for the right reasons. So, you can do the right thing, for the wrong reasons (like staying in a miserable marriage becayuse youre lying to yourself and think its better for your kids to have an "intact family unit" as opposed to teaching them handle mistakes or discordant relationships and your too lazy or happier being miserable or to the point youd rather sit and bitch and be miserable than fix the problem and learn to live life again...) And, also, what no one has ever pointed out the ironicism of in the question as it was posed, is the greed of the doctor the man asked for help, but who wouldnt give him the medicine, try to approach a way for them to "barter" it out via "$X" + what he could do / "X" service in exchange for.. so.. you know.. theres just a lot to be considered as it relates to that issue, alone.

But, back to Kohl.. LOL.. Tied into this rant, (linked to a file called "karateturtles.htm, and which will open in a new window and further illustrate the nature of exactly what Im trying to do, here,) id ended up in NY and there was this little kitten. And she was tiny.. always stayed tiny. They didnt know what to do with her. I ended up taking her. (And, theres a lot going on around all this, btw.. lol, nothing with me is ever this simple). So, I took her.

She loved to ride in cars. (Which is funny, because my current cat ("Charo" [no significance to singer and he's a boy, btw]) *hates* riding in cars.. howls and meows like a bitch in heat. I feel so sorry for him anytime we have to take him somewhere. lol. I really do. I try really hard and everything is as optimal for him as it can be, but that cat hates cars. Maybe he needs some Xanax. As a matter of fat, when I was driving from the Catskills region to ATL, she slept behind my neck, like a squishy neck-pillow, and slept the whole way down, until I had to stop 45 mins outside of ATL and gas up. She loved the car.. she was so cool.

She'd eat people food.. Green grapes.. Swiss cheeses, and (LOL-WTF?) - raw green bell peppers. She was the cat I had when I left ATL and was getting into computers *Mark - Thanks - Youre officially "tagged"* (audience: Mark was where I really got my significant start in that he taught me how to telnet from my Windows '98 in VA to his UNIX in L.A., when I was writing HTML files raw in notepad documents six months after first being introduced to the internet.. This is just how things unfold..)

Speaking of how things unfold (and another point mentioned releative to the 26) Clause of my rough drafted TOS to figure out how to get the world working right, if it wasnt for kohl, and it wasnt for Mark, you wouldnt be reading this page. Literally. Even though on a deeper level as it relates to my work, I would have figured out a way to be putting together everything I needed in a purpose-oriented context, the fact that the cat existed, that he led me towards more technically oriented material (and is an amazing artist*, btw) which ultimately has culminated in the very development of the page you are reading.

Also, of significance, the fact you have found this site, indicates you are prepared to learn and address the material being presented. lol. "Everythings a test" (CIA reference and you should be using intelligence-oriented stragies, but more about this later).


Miscellaneous Stuff About Me


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List of the Books that I Can See from Here:
How the Wise Decide
The Alkalizing Diet
Mysteries of the Supernatural
The Art Of Decpetion (Kevin Mitnick/Hacking)
The Divided Mind (Dr. John E. Sarno M.D.)
The Big Book of Angel Tarot
MORE Natural Cures Revealed (Dont get)
The Eighty-Dollar Champion
The Ethical Guide to Hacking
Computer Forensics For Dummies
Dining With Al-Qaeda
Black Hearts (Military)
Holy Bible
Concise Chinese/English English/Chinese Dictionary x 2
The Dark Half
The Shining
Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
The Dark Tower Series 1-8
The Long Walk
Different Seasons
Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records
Cryptography Primer (I swear people who talk high math get me hot)  *J.A.P. <3
Edgar Cayce Vibrations
Mary Shelly Frankenstein (For Gods sake read the fucking book if youve only seen the pathetic fucking movie)
Twilight Saga
Pet Semetary
Archangels 101 - Must Have
...others obscured.

Fave coffee: Mocha thats like hot chocolate more than coffee.  I have a Keurig that my boyfriend got me.

Number of personal electronic devices in room:: One physically crippled 10' away, 2 laptops in bed. 2 smartphones in bed. one tablet next to bed. One external next to bed. No vibrators, lol.
One more New custom built laptop was shipped to me, yesterday. Easteregg: New laptops name was going to be RBKTitanII, but after joking I should name it "RBKTyrant," I have decied to.

All time favorite musical artist: Trent Reznor (Mastermind more commonly known as "Nine Inch Nails").
Other Influential or significant artists: Marilyn Manson, Axl Rose. (W.A.Rose When I was young - I remember the "Victory or Death" flag tattoo on his arm. GNR was my first concert).
Pet peeve: "Fans" Who want MM straight and their TR "junkie" Back.  Let them go.  They're not yours. They owe you nothing.

Aside from working for fun, Horses and hurricanes are my passions in life. I started showing when I was two. My fave place I've ever lived was Kiawah Island, SC.
(The pic above was taken on Eugenia Ave, on Kiawah Island, as a matter-of-fact, ca. '99).

Place I hated the most: Albequerque, NM, ca. '95. (Loved Four Corners/Shiprock, Just HATED Albequerque).

Unlived state Id pick to try: Maine. Maybe Colorado. Or, Oregon. Ive always been an ocean person, but Im really drawn to mountainy locations, though two are on oceans..
lol, the other is near Shiprock, which I simply *must* get back to. And, Fuck Jeff Weissel@ Footlocker Managment, Farmington, NM.

Where will I not live:
Alaska. Hawaii.  Puerto Rico.  D.C./Surrounding Outspanse. Oklahoma, for personal reasons. Anywhere in Tornado alley or on busy fault lines. No where too close to stray Canadians. They just talk silly and I would never be able to take them seriously and I couldnt live around and work with people I could never take seriously or look at with a straight face.  New Orleans. (Been there, Done That x2 drank more than you did and still kept my shirt on. Even when that guy lifted me up and put me on his shoulders and walked over to the balcony. (He just carried me back and set me gently back on the ground and I resumed my conversation).  When People cross Canal, they enter a warp and leave their sanity and normal judgement on the other side of it.  Ive had to get NYPD cops faces out of phone books in my home bars and figure out where the fuck the were staying for them, lol. (He bought me a cute horse figurine as a thank you and we exchanged numbers.. he called me up the next year to see if I wanted to go down with him, (we'd kept in touch for a little while after Id left,) but I had met my second husband by then and so it didnt work out.  Im telling ya. Cops.  Newspaper editors from Phildelphia. All types. NOLA is a sanity warp for the uninitiated  of soul.


... Blah blah blah blah everybody sing along. *Marilyn Manson


If the world understood as much about Marilyn Manson as he does about it,it would be a much less fucked-up place.
But, if the world knew 1/10 of what it thought it did, he wouldnt exist.
...Just a thought.