Well.. For reasons I cannot and will NEVER get into, this has been the Day From Hell. Officially. This day shall never be mentioned, again. And I hereby order it stricken from the written records of our history. This day,ceases to exist, as of *now.*

I dont know what the date is. Maybe Ill do a numerological work-up on it. I dont know. Im officially on my third day not sleeping.. lol, and Ive talked and happend to at the time this email came in be standing in the middle of CVS, looking like a drowned rat, and you know... I dont know what made me reply. Oh, yes! (Sorry - sleep deprivation/memory loss,) I was texting my mother (!) and so I saw the email notification, while I was standing there in the cough and cold aisle.

I was a bit short.This was the entire e-mail. But, I think I handled myself well:


On Jul 23, 2014, at 11:25 PM, Firewalker wrote:

I'm kind of putting out a major fire, I'm out, haven't slept in two days, feel and look like shit from getting caught in the storm earlier and have no idea what doing right now, but I know it doesn't involve thinking about sex.




And, numerologically..its a "1." Independence..Attainment.. The Primal Force.

07.24.14 0255hrs