So, For some reason I seem to attract an ungodly number of assholes and idiots. Ive decided to start assembling the e-mails (or other documentation) for the entertainment value that may be held for anyone else who happens across this page. (I *really* wish Id saved the two chat logs from tech support earlier, particularly ridiculous now that they are outsourcing...)

Mark @ EchoNext

lonely,need friend maybe more - 43 (staunton) (A.K.A. "Lonely For A Reason.")

The Psychic Suitor

Does Not Involve Sex. (For Once.)

EXPLAINED: Why People Think Im On Crack.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert K. Brown, Founder of 'Soldier of Fortune Magazine,' Needs 'Safe Place' for His Feelings




The Mad Scientist Pt. 1

The Mad Scientist Pt. 2 (A.K.A. The Syphlitic Donkey)

The Mad Scientist Pt. 3 (A.K.A. He's on a "List")

Good Times

Reality in Motion

Allergic to Stupidity



Why I Left IX WebHosting (Chat log)

Psycho-Boy (A.K.A. "Don't you have to go breathe, or something?") (Text transcript)

Wanna-Be Part-Time Boyfriend's Abrupt Termination (Text transcript) UPDATED 08.28.14 0032hrs (More to Come) *"Greg Ory" *Kenzie Amburg *Toya Washington *Senior Staf CACF - Coming Soon

Flamethrowers are Perfectly Legal (Text snippet)