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Motorola Executives, et. al,

(This post extensively documents the efforts taken to address the issue of what appears to be [by all parties observations] a defective unit and the nightmare of the experience I have gone through, attempting to get it resolved. It is being posted for the benefit of any and all Motorola executives or people in any position to be able to address such issues Ive ecountered, so that hopefully other customers do not have to go through the extensive nature of what I have had to go through, just to get this to the right person... This does not take into consideration that my issue is in no way resolved, and just covers what Ive gone through to try to get the information to the right places so that it can simply be addressed...)

The efforts beginning with a 1hr 34min hold time when transferred by Verizon to Motorola to address this issue where I was placed and the call never answered, have been an exercise of constant patience and self-control. (It should also be known, that prior to that, while attempting to patch me through, while on hold the call was also dropped by the Motorola end, and the Verizon tech had to patch the call through again, which resulted in the 1h34m hold that killed my battery).

When I attempted to go to the motorala website to attempt to resolve the issue, I opted for the chat option, so that I could log the efforts and what was said, how the conversation transpired and statements made regarding the issue. When I was finally connected, while I was typing into the chat window, the chat was disconnected due to inactivity… Screenshot available upon request.
I called and ended up talking to a tech support representative named Mikey, who has been a godsend.. I did let him know ahead of time that my patience levels were somewhat low while my frustration levels were somewhat high, but he was truly great and did absolutely go above and beyond what I would have expected in an effort to help me resolve this issue. As a matter of fact, towards the end of the call he apologized and thanked me for my patience in the 45+ minutes we spent (me largely on hold) resolving the situation to the point it was. To which, my response was that it was absolutely not a problem and I was highly appreciative of his efforts, because it was not as if I spent 45 minutes constantly explaining or repeating what the problem was, but he had pretty much spent 45 minutes trying to help me resolve my issue as best he could. I absolutely endorse and emphasize that he is an amazing asset to your company.

…I was to be emailed.. I actually was to be transferred to another department that could handle the situation and then request them email me, but in the process of being transferred the call was dropped. Thankfully, Mikey had directed me to this point. So, at least I know where to begin my efforts in a manner that cannot be ignored and that will be responded to and appropriately addressed. Also, he indicated to me that in his notes he would support and emphasize that it appears the Gorilla Glass did not perform as it should have.

(That's how I got to this point, just so you know what your customers are going through in their efforts to resolve problems, in my case, regarding what appears to be by all intents and purposes and as observed by myself, the Verizon rep, and Mikey, a defective product. Dealing with a defective product is a frustrating experience for any customer, under ideal circumstances. Having to take these efforts and go through this experience as I have experienced it, makes it only all the moreso, particularly considering the conditions Im under while all this is taking place).

The issue in question regards my 26-day-old Droid Maxx. When I got the phone, I asked the Verizon rep which phone in the store had the best battery life. He pointed me to the Maxx. He also referenced the Gorilla Glass, regarding durability. I got the phone. And, let me say, for the record, I LOVE IT. Its an awesome phone. Its my favorite phone Ive ever had. The battery life is, in fact, amazing.. I use it extensively and have only run it into the red in a single days use 3-4 times. The sound quality.. Everything about the phone has not only met, but exceeded all expectations. Im really, really, thrilled with the phone.

Well, the 26th night I had the phone, I ended up in such a state of physical exhaustion that while trying to climb three steps, I almost fell. As a matter of fact, the phone kind of ended up possibly being what kept me from falling.

When I was on the second step, I was somewhat unsteady and began to lose my balance. I leaned to the left, and there were wooden shelving units at elbow-level. My right hand (which had the phone in it) went to the shelves to support myself and keep me from falling; somehow, the phone in my right hand ended up between my elbow and the shelf. I at this point was not aware that anything significant had happened.

I stepped outside (it was night) and went to text my boyfriend. When I looked at the screen, it was all black and I could just see the top bar on the screen. I thought it was no big deal, phone being glitchy or something, and restarted the phone. When I restarted the phone, the appearance was the same. I came inside, noticed the glass was "spider-webbed," and just set the phone down to deal with it the next day. (At this point, Id been up for almost a complete 4-day cycle with only 4 hours of sleep and had expended such considerable physical exertion over the previous 2+ hours, that my hair was soaked in sweat for 6" length, my muscles were trembling, so I hope it is understandable that at that point I took an Ambien and did opt to try to go to sleep, as opposed to immediately addressing the issue or documenting it with Verizon/you).

In the morning, I was still physically exhausted to the point my muscles were shaking, I was very pale, and still unsteady on my feet (not to mention other alarming symptoms Ill save you and your readers the graphic nature of). I realized I had my old phone, and emailed my boyfriend to reactivate so at least I wouldn't be totally cut off from the world.

Later, prompted by that phones glitchiness and the need/desire to just get my phone back, I did call Verizon. The woman was very helpful. We covered the nature of what had happened. At this point, the first time Id even picked up the phone since realizing it didn't work the night before, we realized the glass wasn't in fact "spider-webbed," but was irregular and the screen was black. We discussed the options of filing an insurance claim, but my concerns regarding doing so were three-fold:

1. The Gorilla Glass did not perform as expected/to spec.
2. The phone was less than a month old, and Id be getting a refurbished phone in its place.
3. I should not have to pay for the claim on a product that was defective.

She did agree upon further explanation that the appearance and nature of what happened was highly indicative that the glass did not perform as it should have. She did touch on the fact that of course it isn't indestructible, which I never thought it should be. I am and was aware of the impact/crush difference and the issue was not even that Id been led to believe anything unreasonable by the sales associate… The info as I understood it (and did, prior to all this) was consistent with what the Verizon rep said, whats published and promoted as to the ability and property of Gorilla Glass by all parties involved (e.g. Motorola/Corning), was explained by Mikey and everywhere all over the Internet. But, the point is:

Considering I simply became unsteady and did not even fall, there is no way that I, as a 5'9" 168lb female should have under any circumstances generated sufficient force to exceed Gorilla Glass's crush weight ability, when I simply became unsteady and was able to stabilize myself against the shelf.

The woman (Verizon) agreed and attempted to patch me through to Motorala. As Ive covered, the first call was dropped… the second resulted in the 1h34min hold that killed my battery. Then, I got to the point covered today, regarding attempting to resolve the issue with you (Motorola).

I want to state for the record: I do not feel in any way that Gorilla Glass is an inferior product. I do not think that this issue is consistent with the quality of your product's performance as a whole. I simply feel that this was a case of a defective unit. Supporting this case, consider the following:

1. Incident breakage took place.
2. Appearance is not even consistent with normal "spider-webbing." …The breaks don't go all the way to the edges.. They are not uniformly "spider-webby" in fluidity and curvature of lines.. Unusual to describe, but there is a different "look" to the pattern of the break.
3. Appearance of the damage is also inconsistent with how damage took place. If I was trying to get something by you, I would have made up a more convincing story… But, considering everything Ive said and as relayed can be veified by time-stamped correspondence between myself, one nurse, one doctor, one therapist, my boyfriend, numerous significant updates to my personal website regarding critical research Im doing as relates to neurological and behavioral science… The fact that it doesn't match, should really just be taken as an indicator that the glass may in fact be defective. (And, incidentally, regarding making up a more convincing story… I cant even think of a story that would fit the damage as it appears on the phone).
4. I do not have unrealistic expectations of the product. Before I got my last phone, the phone I had had Gorilla Glass. It was in my shorts pocket, and when I was changing clothes my foot got snagged on the waist and when my foot touched back down on the ground, it of course landed on the phone… which spider-webbed. (Though remained perfectly functional). Even though I still shouldn't have generated what I thought would have broken the glass.. It was not counter-intuitive to the point breakage would have been unreasonable. I didn't file a claim.. I just upgraded the phone. (Which should also add to my credibility in regards to pursuing this claim, now).

All this considered, I am asking that someone with the ability and authority to handle this in an expedient, efficient and effective matter please contact me to do so. Ive expended great energy in addressing this issue to little satisfaction (Save for Mikey's excellent efforts to assist me). This is a phenomenal phone. It's a generally great product. But, the fact is, the product did not peform to specifications that its entirely reasonable to expect it should have and this happened and all factors point to this being a defective unit.

I am not interested in paying to have your defective unit fixed. I am interested in working with you so that you may better understand the nature of why your unit failed to perform (should you be so interested,) but I am most interested in having your defective unit replaced. It would also be nice if you could in some way do something to kind of off-set or make up for the tremendous effort and energy I am having to expend under what is absolutely worst-case conditions for having to do so, just so I can have a functioning phone that is of critical significance and a reasonable expectation or need for anyone, but, especially me at this time, considering the nature of physical issues I am facing. (Which, incidentally, I've been priorty-set an apt at 0840hrs tomorrow morning to be seen for by my doctor).

Honestly, if you just replace the phone and don't take up any more unnecessarily excessive time or energy on my part, Ill call it a win and walk away a satisfied customer.

Thank you very much,

Rhianna Brighten Kane

Note that the extreme frustration and outrageousness Im having to go through in regards to getting this resolved are continuing, just to get to the point I can post this on your forum… I cant just register an account like on a normal forum.. I have to register the device… and you require the IMEI/MEID number to do so… and the instructions for doing so, require a functioning phone to launch settings from… to touch "about phone" on… press "status" on.. and type "What I see there" … Which I did not know, had I known or the rep been aware of I could have addressed at the time or found out from him… and, most of all, is particularly - make that "obscenely" outrageous if this forum is considered a resource for customers with products that are not functioning properly. …on hold with Verizon, hoping they can help: 7:56 and counting…

First attempt to register number provided by Verizon failed.. Verified with Verizon it was entered as it should appear. (13:44 minutes into call…)

Finally. Logged in. Non-intuitive navigation… On phone with support to get directions as to where to post in the forum… certainly don't want to delay things by inadvertently posting in the wrong place.

6:39 on hold - Ive actually figured out how to get here... But lets see (out of curiosity) how long it takes to get the call answered and the issue responded to.
8:02 - Ive decided that I certainly don't want to take up anyones time unnecessarily… I do not want to in any way interfere with your other customers ability to get their issues addressed. When they answer, Ill let them know I just figured the issue out and will not take up their time and resources.
13:42 - Call answered.

I just want you to know what your customers are going through. This cannot be unique only to me. As a business woman, Im just bringing several problematic areas as experienced by your customers to your attention with the hopes they will be resolved or addressed in some way.



07.30.14 0520hrs UPDATE:

The post has been responded to. To give you an idea of the response, see screen shot of the end of my response:

It was actually funny. The guy was being nice. You really should check out the link:

07.30.14 0523hrs


Update 08.02.14 1727hrs:

Lots going on.. On all levels, not just regarding the Droid/Gorilla Glass issue, but regarding my work and current focus, as referenced in this post on the Motorola support forum:

More about all this will be made known, later.. everyone is kind of out of the loop right now in regards to whats going on in my world and as it relates to my work, because Im so busy doing it, I cant post updates or publically document everyone, in any area.

This is an extremely energy-intensive progress for me, and the nature of such is greatly affecting my physical body health/needs and is also being addressed, but all this considered is why Im out of touch, right now.

08.02.14 1733hrs


Things Are Starting to Get Nasty.

Email from Mark, the forum Manager (now not handling things publicly).
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