I had been a client of GoDaddy for several years, until securityu needed exceeded their abilities. Then, I went to IX Webhosting, who used to be the most awesome and amazing web host Id ever used or worked for. Well, at some point they "restructured" and no longer had american numbers or contacts for billing or account information, and, needless to say, tech support was awful.

Id messed around on a couple of my domains with forums. But, I didnt maintain them, there wasnt a lot of traffic and I can of abandoned them. And, of course, bots spammed them.

I ended up getting one of the domains blocked, which I wasnt aware of until I decided to put a site up on that domain that was different from what had been up there (which was pretty much, nothing). Well, tech support was awful. And, in the past two weeks, there had been other* issues (as referenced in the 'Funny e-mails' intro). This is the tail-end of my last experience with IX WebHosting, and ultimately why I left.



Chat Transcript
info: Thank you for contacting us via our chat line. Currently there are 1 visitors waiting, your position is 1.
info: Thank you for contacting us via our chat line. Currently there are 1 visitors waiting, your position is 1.
info: Thank you for contacting us via our chat line. Currently there are 1 visitors waiting, your position is 1.
info: Thank you for contacting us via our chat line. Currently there are 1 visitors waiting, your position is 1.
info: You are now chatting with 'Anna Nazimova'
Anna Nazimova: Hello, my name is Anna, please let me know how can I assist you today?
you: I desperately need to speak to someone competent. Im on hold with "Daisy" and have reiterated the help I need as per your ticket's answer no less than four times (and it truly is very simple, but something you need to do) to my problem and she keeps telling me she can tell the page is down and is having the same problem. You used to have such an amazing support team.. Im really thinking of leaving... Whatever IX is saving in pennies, its paying for in lost customers and a damaged reputation. Please help me. Im going to lose my mind.
Anna Nazimova: Thank you for your question. Our tech specialist will help you with that. Please use this URL:
Anna Nazimova: https://manage.ixwebhosting.com/index.php?fuseaction=utils.livechat&channel=technical
Anna Nazimova: Thank you
you: Now she just took me off hold to tell me what I was trying to tell her I knew the problem was all, along and instead of helping me kill the SQL issue thats being spammed and taxing the servers, she wants to upgrade my hosting!
you: NO!!
you: Im on tech
you: Ive tried chatting
you: They dont listen or understand...
you: Please help...
you: I have tried, Ive been trying... They are AWFUL.
you: You guys used to be so good...

Anna Nazimova: I would help you with great pleasure, sir(( but I am a sales agent and may consult you just regarding our products
you: Im a woman. Thanks. Can you tell me if I leave how much of my annual fee Ill get back, pro-rated?
Anna Nazimova: our billing specialist will count it for you
Anna Nazimova: create a ticket to our billing dept
you: can you transfer me?
you: no, I dont want anymore tickets... No one listens and its better if I can keep a real-time dialogue going.
Anna Nazimova: Please wait while I am transferring chat to another operator. He will read our conversation with you rapidly and will be glad to assist you further. Thank you for understanding.
info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Nikita Shalagaiev'.
info: You are now chatting with 'Nikita Shalagaiev'
Nikita Shalagaiev: Hi, please give me a minute to look through your previous chat conversation.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to firewalker@r-b-k.us at the end of your chat.
Nikita Shalagaiev: Could you please clarify, how can I reproduce the issue from my side at the moment?
you: well, she got the block off the domain that was shut down due to the spam traffic. Ive (literallY) had to ask her 12 different ways how to just unistall the database and not have it running at all.. Im back on hold. You arent supposed to help me, Im disgusted, I wanted to talk to you to find out how much of my money Ill get back on a pro-rated basis if I switch to another hosting company.
you: because this is RIDICULOUS.
you: This is the worst tech support I have ever had.

Nikita Shalagaiev: Could you please provide the domain name?
you: which one?
Nikita Shalagaiev: Please provide me with the domain that has been blocked.
you: my customer # is ******
you: I TOLD YOU. she JUST unblocked it. Shes not fixing the problem that caused it to be blocked. It was atlantean.us. there was also another SQL on starr********.us I wanted to uninstall. But, please, just tell me how much money I can get back.

Nikita Shalagaiev: Could you please stay on hold, while I'm checking?
you: Ive been on the phone for 33+ minutes when all I wanted to do was unistall and deactivate the SQL databases. This is not acceptable. lol, and, Im still on hold.
you: yes

Nikita Shalagaiev: Handling your request may take a few more minutes. Please stay onlineconnect me to billing to find out about my refund.
Nikita Shalagaiev: We are always at your service! Unfortunately I can't tell you the exact sum. I'm sorry to hear you want to cancel your hosting account. May I know the reason of cancellation ?
you: Are you kidding me? You really dont know why?
you: Did you even read this chat history?
you: LOL.

Nikita Shalagaiev: If you need I can submit a ticket to our Billing department so that they will assist you further.
you: Again, as I told her, considering the issues the new IX team has with communication I am ABSOLUTELY not interested in submitting a ticket because you guys need a real-time dialogue to stay on track. Please transfer me to the billing channel. She was supposed to have, in the first place. Sorry you wasted your time.
Nikita Shalagaiev: Unfortunately our Billing department is available via ticket system only. If you need I can submit a ticket for you so that they will apply the refund. However as I can see your database has been blocked due to the ToS Fair Use - MySQL and MSSQL Server Overload issue that was described in the
Nikita Shalagaiev: ticket ID: 2396191. We will unblock your database in the nearest time.
you: Please... dont rehash that. I knew that, Ive known it all along, and thats what I spent the first 25 minutes trying to tell her. Its fixed. No, I dont want a ticket submitted, I havent found or transferred my domains yet, so, please... do tell me, why would I want to go ahead and cancel them?
you: It HAS BEEN UNBLOCKED, which Ive told YOU three times, alone.
you: If billing is only available by ticket, why does there say there is a billing channel/option in the chat window when you launch it?

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to firewalker@r-b-k.us at the end of your chat.
Nikita Shalagaiev: I'm sorry for misunderstanding. We solve Billing issues via Live Chat. But all issues that related to the transaction can be handled by ticket system only.
you: Ok. Then please transfer me so I can have my question asked. Im not terminating service yet, I just need some information. Thank you.
you: answered*

Nikita Shalagaiev: Please clarify, what exactly are you trying to do?
you: Considering you have a hard enough time following what I wanted tech support to do (and youre on the technical channel,) why dont you just not try to answer billing's questions, and please put me through.
you: I have a billing question.
you: Thats it.
you: Thats all that matters.
you: Please transfer me.
you: (I want the chat log intact).
you: LOL, you dont have to respond. Im more than happy to waste bandwidth not talking.
you: This isnt hard. None of it has been.


LOL..and the chat suddenly disconnected.. I tried to send a message, and it said "You are no longer connected to the chat channel." I found a new host who I may promote at some point, but they are a green company and 100% wind-powered which is really cool, but I dont like their control panel. *shrugs*


07.11.14 1335hrs