October 15, 2014 2330hrs

Well, I decided to add a journal on this site, too. So much going on. So much exciting, some fun, some stressful, all very, very rewarding. Everything in my life at this point is just so expansive, particularly with the successful launch of RBK Apparel as the first step in building my empire and so many other projects in the works, I am really having to be careful and working hard to maintain the delicate balance that exists between my mind and body. As it is, as one of my doctors put it, "I dont like this patchwork job we're doing." LOL. Alen, doc. But, at least its working. has been on hold while Ive worked on a few other things and Im taking a bigger focus toward it, again.. This is still my baby. Ive accumulated material to incorporate, I just havent been able to construct the sites... and I have a great FaceBook convo to add from today, lol.

Now Playing - Nine Inch Nails - "The Ruiner " " the only pure thing left in my fucking world is wearing your disease." "... You didnt hurt me, nothing can hurt me, you didnt hurt me, nothing can stop me now. x 5"



May 16, 2016 1638hrs

Wow. Been a while. Ive had fun going back and seeing some of my older stuff. This page started as just something I threw together in a month so anyone who got an email from me and backtracked to the domain would have something, but it kind of took on a life of its own.

I was under a lot of stress and dealing with a lot of frustration, at the time this site was built.  Ive left the old content up, but I may be editing some of the Current Focus link, just because its certainly no longer 'current.'

Im still the same me I was when this page was originally constructed, but Ive actually been sleeping (a little) more regularly and there have been some significant improvements. Im on FB, now. If you want, you can find me there: Rhianna Brighten Kane. Im relaunching the store, which was on the backburner, as well. I will be taking a trip in a few days and will have a better idea of what I will be offering when I get back.

This site may just be left alone, I dont really invite idiots into my life and have been focusing on other issues, so there isnt much to say, really. If anything, I may take my brain dump files and try to make them a little more cohesive.



05.17.16 040hrs

  God and Satan are equally as misunderstood as most modern day deities.  God does not want to be "worshiped." Satanists - REAL Satanists - know to worship nothing. The only thing that wants worshipped is the human ego.  Death to your ego...

  This is not to say that there are not energetic frequencies that can help, assist, influence - even possess - mankind.

  Real power comes from love and suspension of ego. Acceptance of all, through the knowledge and wisdom of how to use spiritual resources must be exercised.

  YOU are your greatest source of power.  ...Look within, not without.

  "I went to God just to see
   And I was looking at me.
   Saw Heaven in your lies..."
  -Marilyn Manson, "The Reflecting God"


05.27.16 0237hrs

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