Dear Readers,

While this was actually not the first link I had intended on putting up, for now it is the only link Im putting up.

The bitch in question (Ken Broxton) was soliciting the sexual favors of a thieving, whore, junkie-bitch who stole his dead wife's jewelry. (R.I.P. Marie)

I assisted him and spent hours in the middle of the night doing Intel work and giving him information on all parties involved. He offered to pay me, and I said if he just got me Chinese some night, we'd call it even.

Well, a week or so later, I tried to get him to get the Chinese because I was low on funds, and he never did.

Then the fucking idiot had the audacity to think *I* was an idiot, and he pissed me off. Then, I posted the transcripts and background on my wall, which despite all the things Ive posted, is the only post Ive ever had removed. So, now, its personal.

This page is being constructed as a PSA to advise anyone who may have reason to do business with Ken Broxton, that he is not a trustworthy person, will not keep his word, and is of highly questionable moral character.

Forensically-sound documentation of all content contained herein, is available upon request.

Last, since there are 17 "Ken Broxtons" in my database, just so as not to cause any unintended consequences to innocent Ken Broxtons who may be similarly named, this Ken Broxton lives in Rocky Point, NC here:


;415 Kimberly Court, Rocky Point, NC 28457

-RBK 09.18.16 0322hrs