Well, we have craigslist to thank (again) for our next interesting bit of dialogue. I dont do the club thing and I am so busy and tied up with what I am doing, I dont get out to really meet people and I find it convenient to surf CL or talk online and get to the point of if someone is really worth getting to know and then investing the time and energy into cultivating a relationship as far as hanging out and stuff.. I really wasnt looking for a relationship, just people to hang out and spend time with. But the next person's ad had a lot of good points that interested me and made me want to talk to and find out more about them.

Mr. Lonely's last relationship was 20+ years and I thought based on some things stated in his ad, he had potential. You will see how wrong I was, but I just had to had this to the collection, because it truly is a stellar example of the kind of irrational crap I get from people who are nothing like they try to portray themselves.. Welcome to a day in the life...


My e-mail:

Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 17:28:25 -0700

Hi. Happy 4th. I took a walk just to get away...I live in c'ville. I'm waiting for my Cobb salad and figured I'd see what was up on CL. Lol, its normally a meat-market for the psychotic and pathologically deranged, but sometimes you run across some neat ppl.

I'm 36, 37 9.26.14. I am on a phone I just got last Saturday, and don't have any pics of me on it. If you're interested, I'll send you some when I get home. I'm 5'9", with a curvy/athletic/feminine build. I asked my Dr earlier this week if I could lose 20 and he said no, I could lose ten, but no more than that. So, I'm healthy weight.

I'm funny, witty, intelligent and sharp as a tack. Its funny.. Ppl who don't really know me and close friends/family would all describe me in very different ways. Its not that I'm ever being something I'm not, I'm just highly dynamic, extremely versatile and multifaceted. The two things that make people not like me are my extremely low tolerance for bs and the fact I don't waste my time or let others waste it for me. (I'm patient with ppl I'm close to, this is regarding strangers and casual acquaintences). (And no, lol, I don't lose sleep regarding those types not liking me.)

I really liked your ad because you seemed to be looking for honesty (I've been told by multiple ppl I'm honest to a fault,) and because of the length of time you were with your wife before you lost her. (I'm sorry for your loss and pain).

To have been together that long speaks volumes to your ability and willingness to stick it out good or bad, work at problems, and really put work into your relationship. I don't think today's kids/generation does. Hell, they don't even bother getting married to have something to make work!

I'm traditional, but also modern in that I am spirited and strong-willed. I have a lot of projects I'm working on and I tend to feel like a force of nature trapped in a body, lol. I always wanted to be a housewife with 15 kids, when I was little. And when I was older, I never wanted to be the bitch in charge, I wanted to be the woman behind the man. As it looks now, it looks like I'm poised to be the bitch in charge with 15 million kids. Lol... I know that makes no sense to you, right now. I'll explain if you get back to me.

I'd love to hear from you. If you want you can text me - I really hate emailing on phones. (***) ***-****

Hope to hear from you.

-Rhianna Brighten Kane


I thought it was a good email. I sat around. Surfed CL some more. Hoped the guy would be online and maybe we could get together, but I wasnt losing sleep over it.

I do not do e-mail on my phone. I hate it. Its impractical, I hate typing that much on it, and I just dont like it. I'd given him my #, so it stood to reason he would have texted or called or something, had he been interested. I never checked it. It was the first email I sent from my phone, as a matter-of-fact. But, earlier today, I happened to access the menu in my phone and noticed I had a new email. This is what was there:


On Jul 5, 2014 1:31 PM

Hi Rhianna
I read your reply and Iam interested , I would like for you to send me a photo of your face so I Know that you are real and I like to have a face to (put with?) the person I am talking to, I don't think you are the type but I don't want nude photo's for the women that send them with out knowing me are deffenly not my type of lady that I am looking for.I will send (a?)photo of me when I receive yours. don't take this the wrong way but I don't have time for mind game(s), I take a relationship to heart , the person must have honesty if not I want stay long I have no time for lairs, I would rather you hurt my feelings than lye to me so when I send my photo if you don't like it tell me don't say it(s) nice and its not and I will do the same and we will see were this goes if you would like. thanks for reading.hope to here back from you.


lol, I was glad he was interested, but it reeked of either bullshit or stupidity, regarding a picture somehow establishing I was "real." I didnt really hold it against him. Everyone always wants a pic to put with the words and being curious about someone you may potentially date is (of course) normal. My response was as follows:


Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 13:43:05 -0700

Hi. I never email from gmail or my phone.. That's why I gave you my number to text. I just now got your email. I hate emailing on phones. I'll fwd your email to my normal addy and get it from my laptop and send you a picture.

But, let's be honest, sending a pic does nothing to prove I'm real or serious. I could be a post-adolescent cross-dresser with a pic collection sending you whatever I think you'd most like to see. Calling or texting would have done much more to establish I was who I was and that I was serious. If anything, the fact you didnt indicates youre not serious. You just want to see what I look like, which is fine. But next time, just ask.

..lol, and no, of course they won't be of me naked.

Plz dont respond to this email address. I'll be in touch.



Well, for whatever reason, Mr. Lonely came pretty un-hinged. I really dont know why. I told him Id send the pic. I did point out that sending the pic wouldnt establish I was real and why and I told him I knew he just wanted to see what I looked like - which was fine. Next time, lol, just to ask. (Not that he sent a pic, mind you... these things always tend to be a bit one-sided, you see..) His response was:


On Jul 8, 2014 8:03 PM

First thing I placed the ad if I wanted to texted I would have said so I hate to texted.
Second the ad said send photo if you didn't what(want?) to send (a/the?) photo you should have not answered the ad seems to me you have a problem following direction(s) or you want thing(s) your way, but you could be the most beautiful women in the world but when you opened your mouth you killed that .
No need to reply I don't need a women like you , I see you benign alone for a long time with that mouth.


LOL.. SO, we know he "hates to texted," which I guess would explain why he didnt "texted." (lol) But he could have called.. Or texted to tell me he was interested and looking forward to getting a picture. Perhaps he hates to called-ed, too. The ad did say to send a photo, but (as I explained in the email) I didnt have one on the phone because Id only had it 5 days and I would have sent him one when I got home. The subject line of my email, was "Photo to Come - Please Read!" Sending the photo was never the issue, contrary to what Mr. Lonely (and delusional) chooses to perceive. (Which is a mystery, considering he had no reason to get so upset in the first place... I clearly dodged a bullet, here). LOL, He says I cant follow directions, when not only did I ask him NOT to reply to that email, I told him I would send the pic when I got to the laptop... hes still acting like Im not sending a pic.. lol, and he sees me "benign" alone a long time "with that mouth," when I didnt even say anything.. I wasnt mad or upset, lol.. hell, thank God he hasnt seen me in action. My response was as follows:


Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 17:14:17 -0700

I didn't have a problem sending a photo. I didnt have a photo to send on my phone, but actually could have met then, if it had worked out or you were interested. All kinds of losers post ads just to play games. And i didnt say you had to text, you could have called.

Lol, you're the one who can't follow directions. Your illiterate and irrational. Your wife must have been a saint.

Good luck. Lol, go ahead and write back just to think you're getting the last word, but it won't even be read.

Lol, me? Alone? I can have anyone I want. I just don't want any of them, because they all want me for all the wrong reasons. I thought you had potential, but I tend to see the best in people. It's my downfall.

-Rhianna Brighten Kane


Pretty clear-cut. I mean, all kinds of losers do post ads on CL just to play games, harass people, or waste time. Like I said, even under best-case scenario, CL personals are a meat-market for the psychotic and pathologically deranged. Considering the nature of his email, I think mine was exceptionally tame and patient. I wasnt combative or argumentative.. I told him he was illiterate (the highlighted words are examples and his ad was ripe with them, as well) and irrational, but he was. Call a spade a spade, ya know. LOL.. Well, a few minutes ago, I decided to go ahead and see what he'd sent back. Id gotten it pretty quickly, but I wasnt worried about it and I didnt really care. Now, its late, Im bored, and theres nothing to do. So, I read his response:


Illiterate I make $180,000 a year you just was worth the time. (?)
My wife was perfect......
If you could have any body you wanted you wouldn't (have?) been on Craig's list looking for a man.
you are a joke and a want to be. because you are not.


1) I didnt say he was poor and illiterate, I just said he was illiterate.
2) We already know his wife must have been perfect to tolerate his crap.
3) If I could have anybody *I* wouldnt be on "Craig's list" looking for a man? Where the hell was he? Mr. I-make-$180,000-a-year... lol, and he was advertising and inviting anyone
with the slightest interest in him to reply... I was being selective, picking and choosing and deciding who I wanted to talk to..
4) I'm a joke? ...Really? A "want to be?" lol..


So, I didnt respond. I just built this page.. And, Ill email him the link. With a link to Merriam-Webster (http://www.m-w.com) LOL, red words are not counting horribly run-on sentences, creative (inconsistent) spacing regarding punctuation, and general poor (at best) grammar mechanics. But, he makes $180,000 a year. So, I guess we should overlook his poor penmanship.

..If I wanted this kind of drama and bullshit in my life, Id just get a boyfriend.

07.09.2014 0356hrs

It was this dialogue that prompted the thought that triggered the creation of the "Thoughts" link. LOL..