Well.. Another CL adventure... This time, I was homesick and thinking about out West and decided to post an ad in the Seattle CL. Most the people were pretty cool. Actually had a great response and really enjoyed talking to eveyone.

Well, one guy ("Johnnie") clearly was not cut out for what I was looking for.. I didnt really know why he even responded... But, we had a few things in common that came up via email and I thought he could be an okay person to chat with as a friend.. Well, it didnt quite work out that way...

The following are exceprts directly from our text log... It tracks his clingy, suffocating, needy nature that is fixated on more than friendship, through his neurotic, pissy, bullshit, snitty, temper-tantrum. I did edit out crap like him getting ready to park and me telling him not to text and drive, but nothing has been edited or manipulated in any way to make him appear any more pathetic than he really is. This is just Good 'Ole Johnnie-Boy.



0011hrs Johnnie: "Hello beautiful"
0012hrs Johnnie: *pic*
0012hrs Me: "Hey, Johnnie. :)"
0013hrs Johnnie: "Hi can you talk?"
0013hrs Me: "I'm busy but yeah. I mean text, not voice talk right now."
0018hrs Johnnie: "Ok can we please talk sometime soon? Voice?"
0019 Johnnie: "I'm parked now hon. What's up with this long distance thing?"
0019hrs Johnnie: "No cuddling no affection"
0023hrs Me: "I'm seeing what I can find. Got a lot going on out here, but I could move it, too. Mostly."
0026hrs Johnnie: "Wow, well I'm very interested in dating you for sure"
0027hrs Johnnie: "Are you an affectionate and or passionate person about life?"
0028hrs Johnnie: "I love the outdoors, cooking, site seeing photography and the ocean"
0028hrs Me: "Passionate, absolutely. Selectively affectionate. I'm not clingy or hypersensitive/histrionic/etc..."
0029hrs Johnnie: "Well, I'm a bit needy actually."
0030hrs Me: "I can tell."
0031hrs Johnnie: "Awesome, a strong woman with a solid mind"
0031hrs Johnnie: "Affectionate and passionate too. I'm half Italian and Irish mixed"
0032hrs Johnnie: "I play guitar, keyboards and the drums"
0032hrs Me: "Lol. Yeah, but I don't think I'm gf material for you. You were very from what I expected to hear from (which I told you). I'm Irish/Native American. Love music...
0034hrs Johnnie: "Why not gf material?"
0034hrs Johnnie: "Do you like Italian food? I love to cook :-)"
0035hrs Me: "You need someone who's more constantly affectionate and assuring and builds your sense of worth and can kind of emotionally hold your hand through everything... I'm just not like that with adults. I expect a lot of people I interact with or allow in my life."
0036hrs Me: "I'd be a great friend, just not a partner. Don't get me wrong."

Well, Johnnie took his toys and went home and I figured Id never hear from him, again. Which, would have been just as well. Then, this morning this conversation transpired:

1107hrs Johnnie: "Good morning :-)
1109hrs Me: "Lol. Back?"
1111hrs Johnnie: "Call me"
(Didnt get the text in time before the fucking idiot calls me)
1112hrs Me: "I told you I don't like talking on the phone for one thing, you pulled a disappearing act over whatever last night, don't call without asking, and you don't know me well enough to tell me what to do. I have work to do."
1112hrs Johnnie: "Take care. Good bye." (Thank God...)
(Note: No response from me)
1115hrs Johnnie: "your way fucking rude. Loose my number right now!"
1120hrs Me: "Lol, you're the desperate, clingy weirdo that doesn't respect wishes, limits or boundaries and thinks I'm going to bother them when I didn't respond after they overreacted and got histrionic for being set straight after deliberately doing something they knew and didn't care I didn't want done. Youre weak and pathetic, you act like a girl. Lol, believe me, me calling or texting you is NOT something you have to worry about. You don't need a gf, you need a dog. Lol, and its "lose" my number... Not "loose"... Lol. I needed a laugh. I'm usually not a morning person. Thanks. Lol, go ahead and send whatever back... Feel like you're getting the last word... Lol, we both know if I even read it, I'll be laughing at you and thinking you're more pathetic than I already do. If its even possible. Lol..."
(9 minutes later, no response or further contact from me:)
1129hrs Johnnie: "I have called the police and plan to fully press charges against you for harassment. I have your information now. Stop texting me or else!"
1139hrs Me: "Lol. Ok. Be sure to let them know I have the full text history and in it *I* was the one that didn't respond when you dbl'd back. I didn't do anything illegal, even if I had, they wouldn't extradite beyond bordering states for a non-felony. Lol.. ask them for the number to the crisis line. Maybe they can help. Lol... And, I do think you're more pathetic than I originally thought. I didn't think it was possible..."
(Lol..30 minutes later, out of the blue with no contact from me...)
1209hrs Johnnie: "Just to let you know that continued harassment is a felony. So I have been advised to press charges against you if you continue. You will need to not continue to message me to avoid these charges."
1213hrs Me: "Lol, *you* keep bugging me when I'm not even talking to you. Lol.. Get a life. And it wouldn't be a felony. It would worst-case be multiple counts of a misdemeanor in the event they saw each time you bothered me and I responded as a seperate count and not one entire dialogue. And, if they thought charges should be pressed and I was a menace, they'd do it with or without your initiative based on the phone records they could clearly acquire."

....Never heard back.

07.15.14 2021hrs