07.09.14 0000hrs People get so bent out of shape. I think they should spike the city water supply with Valium, instead of Flouride. The world would be a better place.

07.21.14 1015hrs Humans never cease to scrape new ruts in the ditch of stupidity.

07.22.14 1337hrs They dont let me carry sidearms. But, flamethrowers are perfectly legal.

07.27.14 1402hrs If youre so stupid you cant amuse me, thats bad.

07.29.14 1132hrs Im always quiet, when Im done talking.

07.30.14 "The first step in getting your shit together, is to get your shit together and only associate with people who make fucking sense." 2247hrs

08.01.14 0140hrs Absence of evidence, is not absence of fact.

09.18.16 "It is better to walk alone in the dark, than in the shadow of an idiot."