Dear reader, I must admit, I do not have the proper background to set up this email. Its from our friend, "The Mad Scientist." And, I dont have the full background, because this is the third email Ive gotten from him today and I havent opened the other two. ...I didnt even mean to open this one. I just went from a folder in my email back to the inbox and it auto-selected this one, which had just come in and was at the top of the list.

Considering Imperial Obama and the Queen refuse his counsel, Im confident in my decision not to engage in any further communication with him, myself. (Think he is on a "list?")



07.22.14 1948hrs

You said in your profile that you may have children. If you do, then I tell you that in order to have children with better brain you have to know my health ideas.
I wanted to send you my pics on your email. I have the feeling that CL delete some informations. (Note: This idea may stem from the fact I have not opened or responded to his past emails, since explaining the significance of comparing his intelligence to that of a syphlitic donkey, as opposed to a normal donkey).

You said in an email “again, another example of your emotional un-intelligence, being highly defensive and over-compensating for a perceived attack on your self-worth”
you are right, in the last 10 years I had very high actions against me. All agencies, family, courts express very much discriminatory actions against me and that is seen even on my face.
I offer to present my health idea to our president Obama and to British Queen and all refused to listen. I offer my ideas to Noreen Frazer with cancer and she said “NO to listen to me”.
You did not say I am an idiot but you said “but you have the common-sense and social/emotional intelligence of a syphilitic donkey which equal with “it refers to the sexually transmitted disease of syphilis, which causes ones brain to deteriorate into total loss of cognitive function and eventual insanity.”Am I understand correct that my intelligence is of a syphilitic donkey with brain damage and insane. is that too different than idiot?
I did not express right the idea of idiot, which let the impression that you called me idiot. My meaning is “You called me syphilitic donkey and my son called me idiot.” (LOL!)
I explained why my son called me idiot and you protest about it and you said “I didn’t need to know or care about your real estate ventures (totally pointless’' what is bad to explain the conditions/reasons of my son has to call me idiot?
I wish to know more about your black and white mind, if you don’t mind.


07.22.14 2004hrs