Im sorry if my responses are not so long-winded as yours, nor do they generally come with A.P.A. Citations, though I certainly could.

As efficient as I am logical, considering your repeated emails Id expressed no interest in, simply informing you of the title of the method for altering our temperature and/or other biorhythms at will seemed generous, considering you were treating my ad like a job opportunity for an inventor, mayhap more the mad scientists considering the fact you gave me permission to use a quote that I not only expressed no interest in, but that applies in no way to what I do and is appropriate regarding my work in no way whatsoever.

Aside from the technology bit (truly just meant to bankroll my other life's work,) I am also working on several total-wellness "healing" methods. Still, I have no interest in your quote, inventions, or most exasperating misuse of my time.

Best Wishes.

07.21.14 0629hrs