The following took place when a potential suitor went away on a "family vacation" by themselves, yet had odd texting discrepancies and things just werent clicking or falling into place... This picks up after several inordinately long delays when there was nothing going on and things just werent adding up.

0423hrs Greg: "Youre up."
0423hrs Me: "Yes"
0424hrs Greg: "Have you slept?"
0424hrs Me: "no."
0425hrs Me: "Even took an Ambien."
0429hrs Me: "Lol, sorry to disappoint you. If you like, I can turn my phone off and you can finish saying anything else you had to say and I can turn it on and get them later when Im sure you're awake and busy and won't want to disturb you."

-----Misc Nothings With Dramatic Pauses------
0451 Me: "What are you doing?"
0457hrs Me: "Greg, what the hell is going on?"

0458hrs Greg: "Making coffe"
0458hrs Me: "Took you 18 minutes to make coffee?"
0458hrs Me: "You need a Keurig."

0500hrs Greg: "I stretched and was trying to find a place to masturbate"
0500hrs Me: "Ok"
0500hrs Greg: "I haven't come in over a week. It's a huge load"
0503hrs Me: "Well, considering you're supposed to be off by yourself visiting family, I wouldn't think it would be an issue. Most modern homes have bathrooms and showers (at the least) and even Alaska has outhouses."
0503hrs Greg: "True"
0517hrs Me: So, what the fucks up with you, then? You know, I never would have thought anything if you hadnt specifically stated you'd be in touch and you havent. Even out fishing when its certainly not like you couldnt spare 30 seconds to text "Hey, having a great time, will be in touch." And now when you text me its an odd hour of the night when you werent expecting me to be here and youre giving me some line of shit about can't find a place to jack off. ...Really? That's your final answer?
0528hrs Me: "I don't do games. I don't like bullshit, and I hate being lied to. Furthermore, I don't exist at your convenience. Enjoy your vacation and your life. Hope you find a place to relieve yourself, since it seems to be such a pressing issue. Lol, Im not fucking stupid. Obviously you ignored the brain scan I texted earlier, as well as my IQ being 20 points higher than Einstein's. Take your shit and hit the road. No animousity, I just don't do drama/lies/games/bullshit, which I've been perfectly clear about from the beginning. Good luck with everything."

Who knows what he was doing, who fucking cares. It was just a highly suspicious set on ongoing circumstances (not all covered in this transcript,) and if it looks like shit and it smells like shit, Im not going grab a spoon to see what it tastes like.

...Another one bites the dust.

07.19.14 0602hrs

UPDATE 07.26.14 0026hrs

This situation has taken an interesting turn of events... Stay tuned. From where Ive gotten so far, I can tell this is going to be a very interesting story... Probably going to need it's own domain.

Funny thing... Im terrified of bears. But, I have a deep connection and appreciation for Grizzlies. Not counting random wild-animal attacks, they are the only animals sought after as prey that will turn around, stalk, and hunt whats hunting them.


UPDATE 07.28.14 2012hrs

...Making significant progress. Things are getting "interesting."