LOL. So, this was just a lighthearted conversation with a friend of mine who was on his way back from up North, following tragedy. I was trying to cheer him up, but this just kind of unfolded... Was funny. (I needed the laugh, too.)

Thanks, G. !



07.22.14 1336hrs Me: "Yeah. They don't let me carry sidearms, but flamethrowers are perfectly legal."
07.22.14 1338hrs G.: "...and in local news today.. lol"
07.22.14 1338hrs Me: "Reportedly on her way to UVA..."
07.22.14 1344hrs G: "decided to take things into her own hands, and fight fire with fire, Jim Cantore's on-site, with more details."
07.22.14 1345hrs Me: "Who's the asshole with the marshmallows on camera #2?"


07.22.14 1354hrs