Well, this was an email I got after a few email exchanges from another CL user. They were friendly, this isnt an example of overt stupidity or anything... Just someone who claims to be highly intuitive and thought they could read me like a book and was pretty much wrong on the parts they intuited, as well as the things they should have directly observed. This one wont make the top ten, but was still kind of funny. :-)


On July 19, 2014 at 9:20 AM Steve wrote:


Well i am an extremely intuitive person. What I reading is, the small picture of me was so hot! That you couldn't trust yourself to look at the full sized version or you might become Smitten. *:P tongue

Before I go into further detail about you, you must promise not to get angry. I have been so spot on in the past, that I can see straight through some people, straight to the heart of the matter, negative flaws and all.

Broad strokes are that you are a sensitive person, so in your search for a partner, you have thrown a wide net to see what you can catch. Luckily for you, your net has snagged me, along with a lot of other fish. Most of whom, you will be finding out are lame.Men are confusing to you. You are frustrated because all of the nice guys who talk to you, just don’t do anything for you. Yet the men that you desire do not treat you like they feel you should be treated.

There is more......


My response:


Actually, men make perfect sense to me, much more than women *who drive me bugshit* Im very male-patterned in my thinking (e.g. concrete, logical, black and white), I have high levels of testosterone (according to labs, though I dont look/sound like it - furthest thing from it!) so all my friends tend to be male.

Im not throwing a wide net, I was pretty specific about wanting someone who was like me, and very detailed about what I was like. I have a type in that regard that I dont deviate from, though in many other ways no two men I have ever been in a relationship have been much alike. Nice guys are nice, but Im not confused as to why they dont do it for me, they dont do it for me because they tend to be softer-spoken, passive, timid, less assertive/aggressive, and non-type-A. I want men who go after things they want and thats the kind of person I am drawn to regardless, not just in a relationship. The men I do desire (few and far between, because Im picky and am looking for the right chemistry) treat me the way I want to be treated, but the issue seems to be finding the right balance of aggressiveness without volatility, somewhat of a possessive nature without neurotic insecurity, etc..

So, no. Im not angry. LOL, you were 0-5. The only thing you were right about is I am a sensitive person, though Im highly guarded. Though, very transparent and an open book, in most ways. I actually published an autobiography in '08. Knowing about me is easy... Being let into my world, quite another.

Better luck next time.



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