So, after including the following content in a Craigslist post, I thought I would add it, here.

Pro tip:
1) Merriam-Webster online dictionary can be found at: (Will open in new window).


2) Step one: open browser of your choice.

Step two: type in the address bar. Press 'enter.' (Yes, this is technically two steps, but clearly falls under "common-knowledge," and I have faith in you).

Step three: type "insert word in question here" and "definition" in the long skinny white box where you tell it what you're searching for. (Note: you do not have to type the word "and," but if you forget, it's okay; Google will ignore it, anyway. You may or may not use quotation marks; that falls under boolean searches, but we won't go there).

Step four: hit your enter key.

Step five: read suggested material.

...Google is your friend.

Hope this helps.



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